Are you really who you think you are?

Have you or someone you know ever thought, “I’d love to try that…..but it’s just not who I am” or “I just am who I am”. Most of us have many roles. We are employees, employers, sisters, Dads, friends, parents – you get the picture. These are roles. Roles are different than IDENTITY. Identity is…

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Blog: How is Perfectionism impacting you?

Is Perfectionism holding YOU back from happiness in your work and relationships? Perfectionism….it is a bit of a buzzword and let’s face it… our fast-paced, “fill all of your time” North America culture….isn’t there a small part of us that admires the idea of the “perfectionist”?  Isn’t it often the “go-to” answer in a job…

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Conquering Worry

Although well-intentioned, when someone says “oh don’t worry” doesn’t it sometimes make you focus even more on your thoughts?It is kind of like when someone says, “don’t think about pink elephants”…… …And yes, for some, it is that easy – but for many it is not. Worry, is really a thought of something that hasn’t…

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