Are you really who you think you are?

Have you or someone you know ever thought, “I’d love to try that…..but it’s just not who I am” or “I just am who I am”.

Most of us have many roles.

We are employees, employers, sisters, Dads, friends, parents – you get the picture.

These are roles.

Roles are different than IDENTITY.

Identity is how we personally define and see ourselves.

Understanding how you see your own identity is a very powerful tool in personal and professional development.

By shifting the way we view and define ourselves, we can really expand our opportunity for growth.

Imagine what doors might open if instead of thinking “it’s just not who I am”, you asked yourself, “well…..what if it could be me?”

As a coach, I love working with people on identifying perspectives that might be limiting.

Then you can breakthrough those limits and replace those limiting thoughts with a fresh perspective that will create momentum and growth!

Posted on February 19, 2018 in Personal Growth

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