Conquering Worry

Although well-intentioned, when someone says “oh don’t worry” doesn’t it sometimes make you focus even more on your thoughts?It is kind of like when someone says, “don’t think about pink elephants”……

…And yes, for some, it is that easy – but for many it is not.

Worry, is really a thought of something that hasn’t happened, often likely won’t happen, but in the mind of a great worrier will feel convincingly true. And the amazing thing is, then you start to look for signs to convince yourself even more of its truth………and guess what – you find them.

Let’s call this the worry filter. We all filter out tons of information all day long……and if you are a worrier and in a worried state – you only filter out and pay attention to the things that support your thoughts at that time. And if you are a really practiced worrier – you can do it with amazing speed and efficiency!

So, what are some tricks to break this cycle? Remember – what we focus on gets bigger. Everyone will have different ways of minimizing worry – here is one that can be a helpful part of your worry toolbox.

Worry postponement is a technique where you give yourself a regular allotted time to worry – the time is very specific and a limited time. With this technique, as your worrisome thought arises, you remind yourself that you can still worry – just not right at that moment. As with all techniques it takes practice – but this is helpful for a lot of people.

More posts this week to come focusing on helpful techniques to manage worry! Feel free to share any that work for you! Have a GREAT day!!!

Posted on February 2, 2016 in worry

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