The Language of Our Success

The words we use greatly impact our motivation.

This is worth another read….

The words WE use greatly impacts our MOTIVATION.

Words evoke an emotional response in us.

Some words elicit a response like resistance……..

What might some of those words be for you?

A few of mine are…..”must” and “should”

If someone tells me I “should” do something…..I instantly feel resistance andit might just be something that would be useful for me to do! But, I will instantly push against it.
If I tell myself I “must” or “must not” do something….well, I will instantly want to do the opposite!

Other words draw me in and make me curious… “dare” – if I “dare” myself to do something…..I am like a cat with a string…..I just cannot resist!

What might be some words that you are using that are causing you to resist or to have an unmotivating emotional response?

And what words might draw you in?

Changing the word impossible to possible.

It’s very personal and requires a little exploration and creativity – but it literally can shift you from stagnation to momentum…..
I DARE you to try it!

Posted on May 30, 2018 in Personal Growth

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