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Nicole Kirby, Nanaimo Life CoachA coach, not unlike a sports or fitness coach, is your partner.

A life coach is someone who supports you and, more importantly, offers you the tools to create change.

Life is full of distractions.  Identifying our biggest strengths and breaking through the thought habits that no longer serve us can create lasting change and newfound personal success!

Going after what we really want takes time.

Life can get in the way.

We can lose our confidence.

We aren’t always sure where to start.

If you want to:

  • Get crystal-clear on what your true goals really are
  • Identify exactly what you need to start moving forward
  • Uncover habits and beliefs that are getting in your way
  • And create momentum-building ACTION to get there

Then let’s connect and see how coaching can best serve you!

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Achieve Your Goals

My coaching philosophy is that all individuals and teams absolutely have the ability to reach and exceed their potential. My goal as a coach is to work with you or your team to create a plan that zeroes in on your goals, helps you overcome the obstacles and hone in on your inner-motivation so that you can achieve the outcomes you have been seeking and keep achieving over time.  And not only is there room for fulfillment – there is room for flexibility and fun too!

My coaching philosophy is that all individuals and teams absolutely have the ability to reach and exceed their potential.
I received my professional coaching designation from Erickson College International. Founded in 1980 and with over 40,000 graduates in 36 countries world-wide, Erickson College International provides one of the most respected and leading-edge certifications in the field of coaching. Based on the extensive work of psychologist and psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson and Industrial Psychologist Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, Erickson’s Solution-Focussed Coaching approach is adaptable to assist at any level – individual, group, team and executive.

Solution-based coaching is about identifying where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Coaching is a partnership of coach and client to build a plan to identify, clarify, achieve and accelerate the results in any chosen life area – career, personal development, relationships or wellness.

Nanaimo Life Coach Nicole Kirby

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  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole for over a year. Her natural ability to create a comfortable space laced with trust and care is what makes her special. Her confidence in your abilities and skills are reflected back onto you to create empowerment within yourself. She helps create clarity in your vision to propel you forward into your action steps. It is always an enjoyable and worthwhile experience to be coached by Nicole.”

    — K.V.L., Sudbury, Ontario —


Packages & Programs

Package 1:


4 Coaching Sessions Skype / Zoom / Phone

(4-45 minute Sessions)

Session Follow-Up Notes

Email Support

Package 2:

12 Coaching Sessions Skype / Webinar / Phone

Session timeline to be customized by Coach and Client

Session Follow-Up Notes

Email Support

3 Free Laser Coaching Sessions

Package 3:

Customized Program for Your Group or Workplace

Let’s make your coaching experience productive and fun!

What about an evening of coaching with you and your girlfriends?

Lunchtime coaching sessions for your employees?

Breakfast/Coffee Coaching Chats for your group or team?

Give your group or workplace the leading edge – let’s talk about how you can
incorporate coaching into your group or workplace!



A life coach is a professional who works in partnership with you to find clarity around how you truly want to live your life.  A coach then helps you discover what resources you have and need to support this vision and build a clear, focused action plan to fully build and live a more fulfilling life.

Working with a life coach is about being a leader in your own life.

Through the coaching process you will discover, define and refine your plans, goals and an overall life strategy to accelerate the results that you are seeking.

Coaches are professional from a variety of backgrounds. No matter what type of coaching you are seeking, it is very important to not only look at a coach’s credentials, but also ensure that you or your team are a good match with your coach’s style and training.

My love of psychology is what drew me to coaching. In addition to a degree in Psychology, I am an Erickson trained professional coach and I bring several years of work in both career counselling and sales to my coaching practice.

If you would like to learn more about coaching – please contact me for a free, no-obligation Q & A session.

In coaching, we seldom spend time analyzing the past.  Coaching is not about diagnosis or treating clinical symptoms.

Coaching has a present and future focus.  Coaching is about finding solutions and concentrates on “how” to move from where you are right now to a place that encompasses what is truly important to you.  Coaching helps you plan, organize, prioritize and most importantly, act.

A coach is your partner in strategy.  Working with a coach is about helping you realize that not only do you know what you want, you have the resources to get it and move towards those goals with confidence, clarity, focus and direction.  And by partnering with a coach, you will have an ally to help keep you on track and motivated.

Coaches are trained in moving you toward action and solutions in your life, your career, your workplace and your business.  Coaching is about defining success and building realistic action plans so that you can be living out that success in all areas of your life.

Everyone is coachable!

And, let’s face it, we live in a world of distractions.  And those distractions can keep us from being clear on what we really want and how we can get there!

We all have times when we feel “stuck” or disconnected from what we truly want.  We all seek coaching for different reasons.  There are common reasons for working with a coach such as during career shifts, embarking on a new business or project; however seeking coaching can be as simply because you feel you want more out of your life or you would like to become “unstuck” if you are hitting a wall with a particular goal or direction.

Having a neutral, objective professional who can help you clearly focus and articulate what is important to you can help you accelerate the results you want and deserve!

Coaching sessions are generally 45-60 minutes in length.

Although you will have a larger overall goal in coaching, every session has its own goal and with each session, you will walk away with some type of action that will help move you in the direction of achieving that larger goal.

Individual coaching is very personal and the number of sessions will depend on your coaching goals.  The most common coaching program is 3 months.  However, coaching can produce results in as little as one session.

My coaching programs are also customizable to your needs.  As a coach, I am your partner and we work together to personalize a program that is specific to your particular needs, goals and timeline.


About Nicole

Nicole Kirby, Nanaimo Life CoachI have loved psychology since the first course I took in high school.  After I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, I spent the next 10 years working in employment programs as a career counsellor and group facilitator.  During that time, I had the opportunity to continue training and coursework in counselling, instructional design, group facilitation, teamwork, supervisory skills and organizational change.

As our family life was getting busier, I had a strong desire to work closer to home and self-employment had been calling me.  Five years ago, I started working and coaching a team with one of the largest direct sales companies in Canada.   And although I love sales, the coaching and training aspect of direct sales was what I enjoyed even more.  When the opportunity arose to go back to school and receive my professional coaching designation at Erickson College International arose, I jumped at it!

And, here’s a little bit of fun stuff about me….

If I wasn’t living out my dream job as a coach, my other dream jobs would be:

» Dance Instructor – I grew up spending every moment I possibly could in a dance studio

» Professional Baseball Volunteer – I am one of those “uniform-washin’, Gatorade gettin’, always cheerin’” baseball Moms and I love every minute of it!

» Sports Car Designer – Mustangs and Camaros are just plain awesome

» Comedy writer – I love to make people laugh and the poor person who laughs at one of my jokes is likely stuck with me for the rest of the evening!

» Anything where I could watch airplanes all day – but ironically, flying scares me to death – yup, even coaches work with coaches on our own stuff!


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